Andrew Cohen in Brainscape

| June 19, 2011

Andrew Cohen will share his experiences as the founder of Brainscape, a web & mobile platform that optimizes the efficiency with which people can learn fact-based knowledge. Brainscape essentially works as your “personalized flashcard stream” by repeating concepts in a pattern driven purely by your own confidence in how well you know them.

This simple concept of Confidence-Based Repetition has broad implications for how we manage the often-ignored foundational knowledge portion of education. In an environment where constructivism and project-based learning are all the rage, Brainscape reminds us that we still need to optimize that unavoidable “drill & practice” portion of learning. With all the recent advancements in neuroscience and mobile technologies there is no excuse for us not to be learning facts 10x as fast as we currently do.

Brainscape currently has about 200,000 users, who spend their tiem creating, sharing, and acquiring smart flashcards via both the web and iTunes. Most Brainscape users are high-school and up, and they use Brainsacpe for subjects ranging from science, to language vocabulary, to test prep. The user community is growing rapidly as Brainscape’s social features continue to expand.

Andrew plans to conduct this seminar as more of a discussion than a presentation, and he is happy to focus on whatever topics the audience is most interested in, including:

  • Lessons learned starting an education technology business
  • How to make the most of TC’s resources to further your idea
  • How to know you are building something that people actually want to use
  • The role of drill & practice in education
  • Let’s have fun. Andrew is looking forward to meeting some great people at EdLab and the greater TC community.