Proctor U

| April 13, 2011

About this presentation:

Proctoring Online Examinations – How to maintain academic standards, integrity, and the flexibility of online education.

In late 2008 wholly online Andrew Jackson University was searching for a better way to proctor all of its examinations.  One if its students told the universities president, Don Kassner, “Don, I can do all of my coursework from my kitchen table, but when it comes time to do my exam, the most stressful time of my education, I have to leave my kitchen and drive somewhere.”   The University responded and created a simple three step method of proctoring online examinations that allows students to stay home and take the exam at the kitchen table while maintaining the level of academic integrity that existed by proctoring examination in the classroom.    ProctorU now serves thousands of students at over 50 colleges and universities and is fast becoming the preferred method of proctoring in online education.

Don Kassner, former president of Andrew Jackson University and current CEO of ProctorU, will discuss how ProctorU’s approach to distance proctoring meets and exceeds the standards that exist in the classroom, while providing students and institutions with the highest quality service – all while keeping things simple and reducing stress caused by the hassle of finding a place to take an exam.