Charo Uceda on Technology, Education, and Entrepreneurship

| April 6, 2011

The 21st Century, Globalized Society has created the need to develop skills such as critical thinking, flexibility / adaptability, and entrepreneurship. The integration of technology in teaching and learning has been associated with the development of these skills; however the use of technology is also an effective vehicle to advance one’s career.

The knowledge of our craft is no longer enough to assure a successful professional career in a highly competitive modern world, so the clever use of technology to expand opportunities and key contacts generates a powerful combination. Furthermore, opportunities don’t happen as a consequence of coincidence and luck, but instead as the result of a well-thought out strategy, merging personal and professional aptitudes and abilities, all this maximized by the right choice of technology tools.

Join a lively and engaging chat about ways to learn about yourself while discussing how the integration of technology can help you to move from being an accomplished student to a successful professional.

Charo Uceda

Charo Uceda is a 2008 graduate of the M.A. Program in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College. She is the author of a three volume ESL series and currenlty working on a new edition including technology integration. She is the founder and Chief Academic Director of Uceda Institutes; a chain of ESL Institutes currently operating in 20 different locations. (NY, NJ, Florida, Nevada and Peru, serving at least 15,000 students a year). In Peru, Uceda Institute has a partnership with University Alas Peruanas; the biggest university in Peru with a total enrollment of 70,000 students per year.

In May of 2010, Miss Uceda became the President of Jose Carlos Mariategui, a distance education institute founded in 1972. She has been working on integrating technology to minimize the gap created by transactional distance, moving from old distance education delivery of education into 21st Century virtual classrooms.

Miss Uceda also owned and operated parking garages in Manhattan and the Bronx from 1991 to 2008, in which she sold her interest to dedicate herself to the cause of education.

Miss Uceda closed her physical office in 2007 and has used technology tools to operate Uceda Institutes, study for her two masters degrees, and to manage her professional life.

In 2009 Miss Uceda was invited to join The TC President’s Advisory Council, (PAC). The PAC group is comprised by academics, policy makers and business individuals collaborating in strategies for new directions, devising ways to foster innovation in education.