Interactive Semantic Computing for Interdisciplinary Learning

| February 23, 2011

Professors Robin Bargar and Insook Choi from New York City College of Technology will discuss their ongoing project on the use of interactive semantic computing systems to support interdisciplinary learning.

Professor Robin Bargar’s focus is to bring about integrated systems for project-based and interdisciplinary pedagogy. His background includes digital media production and media technology R&D, focused on computational integration for distributed and shared information display and human-computer interaction. From 1991 to 2000 at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign, Bargar directed software development for the CAVE virtual environment and served as Director of the Integrated systems Laboratory for interdisciplinary simulation and prototyping. More recently Bargar was Director of Hexagram, the Institute for Media Arts and Technologies in Montreal, Canada and served as Dean of City Tech’s School of Technology and Design. His creative work has been presented at SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica and on MTV. Professional distinctions include two US patents, international recognition of computer music compositions and an Academy Award nomination for Best Short Film (Animated).

Professor Insook Choi is Program Director of the Emerging Media Technologies Program. Professor Choi has been pioneering interactive computer music, video, and virtual reality since 1991 at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; UC Berkeley; and School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work encompasses both creation and research on emerging practices with computational signal processing, interactive gestures, expressive performance media, and design creativity.