Late Nite Labs

| July 6, 2011

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Late Nite Labs Product Demo: View and discuss it in Vialogues.

Late Nite Labs is an education technology company that creates engaging science content for distance and hybrid learning settings. Their virtual lab platform, which contains 150+ experiment simulations, has been an integral part of Biology and Chemistry curriculums at universities, colleges and high schools, since 2006. Each of Late Nite Labs’ experiment modules come equipped with all of the compounds, chemicals, containers and instruments found in a traditional wet lab setting, only in a digital format.

Fully online, Late Nite Labs’ content is served over the web and requires no additional text or materials. Instructors use the learning management system to create and manage their courses around a series of virtual labs and assignments. Each lab is equipped with its own digital lab notebook and media player that contains background, procedures and supporting images and video for that experiment. While the lab modules come pre-loaded with all the necessary learning components, each is fully customizable, so that instructors can mold their own unique course offering. Students purchase access to their courses just as they would a textbook, either online or in their local bookstore, and schools pay nothing.

Late Nite Labs’ content is developed in partnership with leading universities and publishers who work with an internal team to take advantage of the digital environment toward educating students and stimulating critical thinking. Schools benefit from cost and time efficiencies associated with digital learning while students benefit from engaging always-on digital content targeted to their specific course needs.