Madbrook Publishing Everything Butt Art

| October 5, 2011

Everything Butt Art is an immersive art, education, and entertainment platform… oh, and we teach step-by-step drawing starting with a butt shape :)

But… it’s not really about butts. Everything Butt Art (EBA) is the hook that engages children in creativity – and that’s a good thing because drawing is fundamentally important for child development. It aids in cognitive and fine motor skill development along with creative and emotional expression. EBA makes it easy for anyone to be an artist regardless of age or skill-level.

Our approach – starting drawings with a butt shape – is built on the principle behind The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking. This Torrance Test measures creativity by presenting participants with an incomplete line drawing. Experts evaluate creativity based upon how one turns the presented shape into a completed picture.

Our first two printed books, “Everything Butt Art at the ZOO” and “Everything Butt Art on the FARM,” are available nationwide. Our iPad app launches soon.

Because we are parents, we set out to build the ideal experience for both children and parents. The Everything Butt Art brand immediately engages children and the platform behind it engages parents through an online activity feed, digital galleries, app activity based email notifications, and individualized infographics of a child’s app interactions.

Everything Butt Art is an original series created by Brian Snyder (who had the crazy idea), Alexis Moniello (who illustrates and designs the crazy idea), and David Markle (who programs the crazy idea) of Madbrook Publishing, Brooklyn, NY.