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The EdLab Seminar

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Paulo Blikstein on One Fabrication Lab per Child: The Ultimate Construction Kit 

The educational system is one of the few in which the customer is not the end user. The customers of education, or the people who pay for it -- parents, employers, politicians -- have voice and influence in what happens in schools, but students themselves (the users) are rarely heard. The result is that students' …

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Daniel Schwartz on Teachable Agents 

Daniel Schwartz from Stanford University will join us to discuss his work on teachable agents.

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Boone Gorges on WordPress 

Boone Gorges, who worked with the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University on Anthologize and  One Week/One Tool will speak about his work.

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Project: Interaction 

Carmen Dukes and Katie Koch will share their ideas about the potential to use design in a successful high school environment as a complement to students’ core coursework. They will discuss their process of discovery and invention as it relates to Project: Interaction , an after school program they’ve created and taught that teaches high …

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about the program Denney Daetz of the Akwaaba Foundation will present SIMPOLICON, a classroom computer simulation of international political relations, economic development, and environmental sustainability. It teaches critical thinking, ethical decision making, and international cooperation. It was awarded "Software of the Year" in 1984 by Classroom Computer Learning magazine and has been used by over …

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