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Now Comment is a sophisticated web app for group discussion and annotation of online documents. Its many unique features include a user interface that shows threaded comments "in context" with the original document, encouraging rich, in-depth conversation. Students start or join conversations on whatever passages they find interesting and important, intellectually engaging with the text, …

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LessonWriter All teachers are familiar with the gaps between what they want for their students and what they have: 1. Teachers want to use dynamic and exciting materials; they have out-of-date textbooks 2. Teachers want to teach all skills in context; they have curricula that separate content from skills 3. Teachers want to individualize instruction …

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Madbrook Publishing Everything Butt Art 

Everything Butt Art is an immersive art, education, and entertainment platform... oh, and we teach step-by-step drawing starting with a butt shape :) But... it's not really about butts. Everything Butt Art (EBA) is the hook that engages children in creativity - and that's a good thing because drawing is fundamentally important for child development. …

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Late Nite Labs 

Late Nite Labs Website Late Nite Labs Product Demo: View and discuss it in Vialogues. Late Nite Labs is an education technology company that creates engaging science content for distance and hybrid learning settings. Their virtual lab platform, which contains 150+ experiment simulations, has been an integral part of Biology and Chemistry curriculums at universities, …

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Andrew Cohen in Brainscape 

Andrew Cohen will share his experiences as the founder of Brainscape, a web & mobile platform that optimizes the efficiency with which people can learn fact-based knowledge. Brainscape essentially works as your "personalized flashcard stream" by repeating concepts in a pattern driven purely by your own confidence in how well you know them. This simple …

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Columbia Economics Review 

about the seminar: The Columbia Economics Review (CER) aims to promote discourse and research at the intersection of economics, business, politics, and society by publishing a rigorous selection of undergraduate essays, opinions, and research papers. CER also holds the Columbia Economics Forum, a speakers series established to promote dialogue and encourage deeper insights on economic …

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Proctor U 

About this presentation: Proctoring Online Examinations – How to maintain academic standards, integrity, and the flexibility of online education. In late 2008 wholly online Andrew Jackson University was searching for a better way to proctor all of its examinations.  One if its students told the universities president, Don Kassner, “Don, I can do all of …

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