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Siddharth Ramakrishnan on Sneak peeks into the brain: Tales that fish and snails can tell 

I wish to illustrate the beauty of small animal models such as snails and fish in the world of neuroscience. Using both neural recordings and in vivo confocal florescence imaging, I will show the behavior of neurons within the network of the brain and how it ties to overall behavior. Finally I hope to discuss …

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Charo Uceda on Technology, Education, and Entrepreneurship 

The 21st Century, Globalized Society has created the need to develop skills such as critical thinking, flexibility / adaptability, and entrepreneurship. The integration of technology in teaching and learning has been associated with the development of these skills; however the use of technology is also an effective vehicle to advance one's career. The knowledge of …

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Ryan Baker on Using Educational Data Mining to Detect the Moment of Student Learning 

Ryan Baker from Worcester Polytechnic will join us to discuss his work on educational data mining. Increasingly, students’ educational experiences occur in the context of educational technology, creating opportunities to log student behavior in a fashion that is both longitudinal and very fine-grained. These data are now available to the broad learning sciences research community …

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Peter Brusilovsky on Addictive links: Adaptive Navigation Support in College-Level Courses 

Peter Brusilovsky from the University of Pittsburgh will join us to discuss his work on adaptive learning systems. Empirical studies of adaptive annotation in the educational context have demonstrated that it can help students to acquire knowledge faster, improve learning outcomes, reduce navigational overhead, and encourage non-sequential navigation. Over the last 6 years we have …

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Interactive Semantic Computing for Interdisciplinary Learning 

Professors Robin Bargar and Insook Choi from New York City College of Technology will discuss their ongoing project on the use of interactive semantic computing systems to support interdisciplinary learning. Professor Robin Bargar’s focus is to bring about integrated systems for project-based and interdisciplinary pedagogy. His background includes digital media production and media technology R&D, …

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